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Selling Austin Real Estate

Strategize to maximize your profits.

Agents unfamiliar with selling investment properties tend simply rely on their comparative market analysis to determine price then use a traditional marketing strategy.

Monte Davis Realty Group REALTORS specialize in selling investment properties and take a holistic approach. Thus helping our clients build a strategy that will maximize their profits.

For Instance

  • Rents - Are they at market value? Rents are on the rise right now and many investors are missing out. If your rents are below market value it might behoove you to hold off until you can get them up to par. If the property is vacant, get it rented unless you are targeting an owner occupant.
  • Location - What's the highest and best resale value for the property? Your property could be appealing to an owner occupant. An owner occupant buyer is inclined to pay more for a property than an investor. Investors put more emphases on income rather than the desirability of living there. How about appreciation - What's happening around your property? Another key factor to add to the marketing equations.
  • Tenants - Are your tenants running sales prevention? In most cases, a good conversation with the listing agent can help grease the skids and smooth ruffled feathers.
  • Property Management - Are they pro-active? A solid property manager is a strong selling point to buyers looking for turnkey properties.
  • Condition - Are there deferred maintenance issues? Putting a little money into your property will net you a higher return. 
  • Documentation - Do you have good documentation showing Rental History and Expenses? Having documentation to give to the buyer will add peace of mind. Many buyers will pay a little more for a property well documented.

Right now is a great time to buy, sell, or upgrade your investment portfolio. Knowing when, where, and how to invest is vital to your success. Save your stress for fighting traffic and give us a call.

For more information about selling your Austin investment property, contact the Monte Davis Realty Group at 512-686-3418.

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