AUSTIN-TX  When homeowners in Travis County receive their next property tax bill this fall, they will likely noticing something different.

The market value of their property will be the same as in 2019. That's because Travis Central Appraisal District does not plan to reappraise residential properties this year.

Contrast that with the significant climb in values in recent years, driven by one of the hottest housing markets in the United States. The median appraised value in Travis County in 2019 for someone with a homestead exemption was $359,154, up 6.2% from 2018.

TCAD is shelving appraisals for 2020 because of a dispute with the Austin Board of Realtors. The two sides have been feuding since the Realtor organization discovered last year that the…

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It's no secret that Austin is growing with each passing day, and 2020 is set to be another thriving year. According to the Austin Business Journal, "Austin is predicted to be one of the hottest housing markets in the nation in 2020". In an annual report by PWC (PricewaterhouseCoopers) on trending markets, Austin was ranked the number one market to watch. Within the past year, Austin moved from the ranking of the sixth to the first overall. Austin's population grows three times faster than the national average and is the eleventh most populated in the nation.  

Many factors contribute to Austin’s attractiveness, including its fantastic culture and friendly locals, the urban suburban feel, and great schools. Austin's official motto is the "Live Music…

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While the city of Austin is thriving, let's keep in mind that its surrounding communities are growing as well!

Buda is one city in particular that is on the rise. Just 20 minutes from downtown Austin, this once quiet railroad town is now one of the fastest growing cities in the Austin area. Buda has seen a 77% growth rate over the past 5 years with a population reaching nearly 20,000. As the population grows, so does its economy as the diversity of job opportunities arise.

One of the 2 recent projects in Buda that are contributing to the attractiveness of the city, while providing new revenue is the City Park. Set in the heart of town, the park will gain an amphitheater, two playgrounds, a splash pad, a volleyball court and new restrooms, among…

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Last December, news hit the media that North Austin was selected as one of the cities where Apple will build a new campus. The real estate industry has been booming with talk of how Apple and other companies moving to Austin could affect the surrounding areas. As 2019 wraps up, Monte Davis Realty Group looks to the coming year and recaps what you, as a property investor, should know. 

Apple's CEO, Tim Cook is quoted as saying, "Apple is proud to bring new investment, jobs and opportunity to cities across the United States, and to significantly deepen our quarter-century partnership with the city and people of Austin." Apple plans to eventually employ 15,000 at the new 100,000 square foot campus in North Austin which is very close to it's now…

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why tech workers should consider moving to Austin

Austin, Texas has seen a dramatic changes in its skyline as major tech companies, like Apple, Google, and Facebook have been relocating their offices here.

In fact, Apple announced that it will be investing $1 billion to build a new campus in North Austin.

Austin is quickly becoming known for its thriving tech industry as major companies and small start-ups are flooding the city’s job market. In the past few years, Austin has seen many industry-leading companies, like Juul Labs and Paradromics, move to the city from their original headquarters in San Francisco.

For many years, San Francisco has been known as Silicon Valley, but as more and more companies choose to relocate to Austin, the lone star state capital is gaining a reputation in the…

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Learning how to speak real estate is like learning how to speak a new language.

There are seemingly countless never-before heard terms that you encounter on a regular basis that always leave you puzzled. But when you’re wanting to sell your home, knowing real estate terminology will keep you in the loop when you’re selling your home.

To make it simple, here’s a guide to some of the most common terms we are asked to explain:

Real Estate Terminology 101

APS (Agreement of Purchase and Sales)

After you’ve found a buyer for your home, you will be required to fill out an agreement of purchase and sales. This is a legally binding contract that spells out all the conditions of the sale of your home. In going through this…

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While you intend to keep an investment for years to come, that isn't always the case. There will come a time when you will sell the property you are just now buying. With that in mind, it is important to think resale value now. How can you tell if the investment you're thinking about buying has good resale value? Here are some signs:

The Neighborhood
Location is always the number one seller. Make sure the property you are buying is located in a prime, but quiet neighborhood. What else should you look for? Signs of a great neighborhood include the following: top schools, nearby entertainment and dining options and more. 

The Systems
Ensure the home’s systems are either new or in good standing at the time of purchase. While it is expected to have to…

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The 97-acre proposed development site dubbed “Indigo Ridge South” in eastern Cedar Park calls for offices, light manufacturing, and high-density residential, including up to 1,500 new housing units.

Located near the intersection of East Whitestone Boulevard and West Parmer Lane, the parcel is situated on the eastern fringe of Cedar Park, south of an Austin Wood Recycling location and west of a single-family home neighborhood on the outskirts of Round Rock. Originally slated to become a Schlitterbahn waterpark, development plans for the waterpark stalled several years ago. Currently, plans for Indigo Ridge South are moving forward, including rezoning the land into a “planned development” that would accommodate a general business or mixed-use…

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If you manage your own rental properties, it’s essential to have a “Rolodesk” full of numbers to help with common and not-so-common issues. Today, we’re sharing our list of helpful Austin-area phone numbers and web links for pesky problems. At Monte Davis Property Management, we strive to be a resource not only for our clients but also for investors who self-manage. Click here for a printable pdf of our “Helpful Numbers for Pesky Problems.” If you have questions, our team is here to help. Call us anytime: (512) 861-8089.

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As the Broadmoor campus continues to take shape, this massive 16-city-block development is projected to impact the greater North Austin area, along with residential property investors, significantly. All told, the development will include an urban oasis of parks and 23 trails, along with high-end retail, restaurants, and entertainment venues, sprinkled with modern offices and apartments.

While The Domain could be dubbed a competitor, the overall feel from those spearheading the project, Brandywine Realty Trust, is that the two will feed off of one another, creating an urban core that is predicted to rival Austin’s Downtown.

But that’s not all. If a secondary urban core area comes to pass, such a layout could significantly impact two of Austin’s…

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