Let’s take a look at a great key indicator of how real, actual market data shows that the duplex market in particular had clearly turned the corner by the end of 2010.


“Probability of Selling” (POS). The probability of selling is arrived at by comparing how many duplexes were actually listed, sold and closed versus how many in total were originally listed for sale (whether they were sold, withdrawn, or expired.)



3rd Quarter - 2010

3rd Quarter - 2011

% Change Over Prior Year

SOLD Units




WD & Exp




Probability of Selling




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This is not a fun subject. How's that for a great way to start a blog post? Well, it's not. Nobody, even a ticked-off landlord, really wants to put someone out on the street, but sometimes you will have to deal with an eviction. This is a big topic, with more ins and outs than I can cover in one post, but here are the basics.

Eviction in Texas

There are four steps to evict a tenant that are required in Texas:

- Delivering a Notice to Vacate

- Filing an Original Petition to start a lawsuit against the tenant. (If necessary.)

- A court hearing.

- Filing a Write of Possession to order the Constable to remove the Tenant.

Naturally, there are rules attached to each part of the process. (And the best case scenario is that your serve the…

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