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There is no questioning that Austin’s property prices have become quite expensive. However, there is reason to question whether or not those in the market for homes should find this so upsetting. When investors and homebuyers can get beyond the sticker-shock and take a look at the reasons behind the higher cost of real estate, those prices can become much more reassuring than disconcerting.

Over the past several years, Austin’s many thriving industries have resulted in major population growth, and therefore, real estate demand. Just last year, Austin's population exceeded the two million mark and is projected to go as high as 3.2 million by the year 2030. According to The Chamber's monthly Economic Indicators report, Austin is experiencing a 4.0% job

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In this post, we will be expanding on our previous post in this series: common mistakes of first-time and beginning property investors. In the previous post, we discussed the idea of treating property investments like any other type of business venture and employing some general best businesses practices. We covered everything from the availability of cash reserves to rental potential, and the importance of knowledge of the market.

A major component of knowing the investment market is understanding how location relates to property value. We previously touched on rental potential and foresight. Often, new investors find deals and think they are paying a good price based on square footage, bedroom and bath count, etc. without having a good understanding

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We’ve seen a significant increase in the number of real estate investors in Austin over the past few years. As you might expect, the low-interest rates and a growing economy have attracted more and more investors to our fine city. However, it’s not only those investors with backgrounds in real estate that are looking to cash in on the prime market. Many of these new investors are also new to the world of real estate investment generally, and we had them in mind when creating this month’s posts. With that said, novices and seasoned property investors alike can certainly benefit from a refresher on best (and worst) practices.

Cash flow is a vital element for any business minded, but especially when it comes to entering the world of property investment.

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