Every day it hits us. One depressing news story about the world economic climate after another. In Austin? We don't have a reason to be depressed. Trust me!

I've said it before -- and I'm sure you will hear me say it again -- Texas is among the few places that has fared well above the pack in this ongoing economic recession. And Austin itself has done even better.

Developers know that timing is just as important as location.  Right now Austin's city officials are frantically working to guide local growth over the next 30 years. Their plan is to push for development near key transportation hubs and, at the same time, to find real, viable solutions to Austin's existing traffic problems.

This city is growing exponentially with no foreseeable end.…

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Recently a good friend of mine realized that for business purposes, he better learn something about football. He's not a native Texan, comes from a non-football state, and found himself muttering vaguely comments during conversations that he hoped didn't sound stupid. He went out and bought a copy of Football for Dummies. As real estate investors, we could all do the same for our passion of choice, but our business is a little bit more complicated than football.

However, as I was flipping through his book, I liked the approach the author took in chunking concepts to slowly build an overall understanding. That's a very good way for new investors to become pros in short order while they're making money. For instance, how many of you get glazed over eyes and…

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