why tech workers should consider moving to Austin

Austin, Texas has seen a dramatic changes in its skyline as major tech companies, like Apple, Google, and Facebook have been relocating their offices here.

In fact, Apple announced that it will be investing $1 billion to build a new campus in North Austin.

Austin is quickly becoming known for its thriving tech industry as major companies and small start-ups are flooding the city’s job market. In the past few years, Austin has seen many industry-leading companies, like Juul Labs and Paradromics, move to the city from their original headquarters in San Francisco.

For many years, San Francisco has been known as Silicon Valley, but as more and more companies choose to relocate to Austin, the lone star state capital is gaining a reputation in the tech industry.

Tech companies, both large and small, have been populating Austin for reasons, including the low cost of living and the thriving economy.

Since there are so many companies arising in the area, relocating to Austin for a tech job is becoming the norm. Here are five reasons why tech workers should consider moving to Austin, Texas:

Plenty of Career Opportunities

Austin’s tech industry has never seen so much growth as it has in recent years. Tons of massive companies are relocating their headquarters here while small startups are arising left, right, and center.

All of these new companies have been creating thousands of jobs for tech workers. In fact, in 2018, the 46 companies that relocated to the city created over 9,400 jobs.

You can be a part of industry-changing start-ups, like GenXComm, or fortune five-hundred companies, like Dell. Regardless of your line of work, it’s likely you’ll find plenty of career opportunities in Austin.

Opportunity for Education

One of the best ways to grow in your career and industry is to continuously learn.

Education is made easy in Austin with the University of Texas Austin campus. This university has one of the top-ranked computer science programs in the nation, making it a prestigious place to advance your learning.

The city is also teeming with training programs and bootcamps that teach coding, design, project management, and more. With all these educational opportunities, living in Austin lets you grow in your career unlike any other city.

Annual Tech Conferences with Industry Leaders

When you live in Austin, you’re in the center of action for the tech industry. In fact, the city’s industry is growing so much that people are calling it Silicon Hills.

Because of the city’s terrific growth, Austin is the host of major tech conferences, like South by Southwest.

SXSW is an annual conference that attracts thousands of tech workers from across the nation to learn about the industry and to network with one another.

Visiting these types of conferences provides tech workers with unbeatable opportunity to innovate with global industry leaders.

The Best Place to Start a Business

Austin, Texas has been named one of the best places to start a business in the United States for its growing industry, local talent, and relaxed business licensing rules.

There are countless entrepreneurs in the city starting businesses and companies every day, growing the job market and the economy.

The city also has plenty of venture fund opportunities that are available by Austin’s own Capital Factory and Austin Ventures.

Incredible Quality of Life

One of the reasons why so many tech workers have been moving to Austin is because of its high quality of life and low cost of living.

Austin is continuously rated to have the best quality of life in the country because of its inclusive community, vibrant lifestyle, and unbeatable scenery. Because of this, plenty of young people are attracted to the city.

Austin has a much cheaper cost of living compared to other American tech hubs, like San Francisco. Housing, transportation, and entertainment is less expensive across the board, making this a desirable place to live for many.

In relation to the cost of living, tech workers in Austin actually make a higher percentage of money every year than those working in San Francisco. This is because it’s far more expensive to live in Silicon Valley.

Austin’s real estate market has plenty of reasonably priced homes that cater to homebuyers of all types, making it easy to invest in a property.

There are so many reasons why tech workers relocate to Austin, Texas. The growing industry offers so many career opportunities that other tech hubs in America simply can’t provide.

To learn more about relocating to Austin, Texas for a tech job, talk to one of our expert real estate agents.

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