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The Rosedale neighborhood is located in the northern part of Austin, but is still relatively close to the center of town. The neighborhood borders on 38th Street to the south, Shoal Creek to the west, North Loop / Hancock Drive to the north, and Lamar Boulevard to the east. There are over 1,200 homes in the area, a wide variety of businesses within walking distance, and an extensive network of medical services close at hand (including Seton Hospital and the Heart Hospital). Beyond the delightful charm of the area, the Rosedale neighborhood’s location makes it one of the most desirable of Austin’s neighborhoods with its close proximity to the Capitol, the downtown area, and the University of Texas at Austin, as well as easy access to the main thoroughfares of our beautiful city. Residents of Rosedale enjoy clean-and-green living in a beautiful, historic neighborhood with easy access to the rest of Austin.

The history of the Rosedale neighborhood begins with farm and dairy land in the 1860s. In the 1900s, four florists and nurseries found their home in this area. Much of the nursery stock planted during that time remains, as evidenced by the many large and lovely trees in the neighborhood. The majority of the homes in the Rosedale area were built during the 1930s and 1940s, giving them an old Austin charm and allure not found with newer construction. The renovation projects and new construction throughout the neighborhood lend a sense of vitality and renewal. The population of the neighborhood is a fabulous blend of young families, single professionals, and original owners who raised their children here and have many tales to tell. This neighborhood maintains the "Keep Austin Weird" attitude. Here, the original pioneers of Austin culture can sit on their front porches with their children or grandchildren and sip on some Lone Star or sweet tea while the younger crowd can mosey over several blocks east and south to catch the latest in local live music. Rosedale is also a perfect place to retire for those that want to keep the funk vibe going. 

 You’ll find plenty of restaurants within the neighborhood, and plenty of shopportunities close by on Burnet Rd and at the Triangle. As the area continues to evolve and grow, plans are in the works for a 75-acre plot of central Austin land located between Bull Creek Road and Shoal Creek Boulevard to become a mixed-use development called The Grove at Shoal Creek. The Grove at Shoal Creek proposed project will include retail, restaurant and office spaces as well and residential areas, such as apartments, town homes and single-family homes. The east side of The Grove at Shoal Creek would include a 12-acre park called Signature Park as well as a full acre pond. The project will have a total of about 16 acres of parks and green space.


The Rosedale Neighborhood is close to schools at all levels, both public and private. The neighborhood is split between areas, with children whose families live south of 45th Street generally going to Bryker Woods Elementary, and those whose families live north of 45th Street generally attending Highland Park Elementary. The corresponding middle schools are generally O Henry Middle School and Lamar Middle School. The corresponding high schools are Austin High School and McCallum High School. Children may also apply to the various magnet schools and focus programs. The Rosedale School, which is part of AISD, is a multi-level school designed for children with special needs.